Gebekse Bay

The name comes from the pregnant church


Coordinates: 36°42'11.68" N, 28°13'51.47" E

Gebekse Bay is located on the Inceburun Peninsula between Cape Akyar and Çiftlik Island.

The Inceburun Peninsula is connected to the coast by a narrow strip of land. Gebekse koyu protects you from the wind. The inland slopes are covered with olive trees, and ruins along the coast date back to Byzantine times. It is said that the name of Gebekse Bay comes from the pregnant church.

The pregnant church has many different stories. Pregnant Church Myth: According to some beliefs, the Pregnant Church is an ancient place of worship built in order for women to become pregnant.

During the day, this anchorage is busy with tourist boats from Marmaris, but it is quiet after 4 p.m. It's a wonderful bay where you can swim in the turquoise waters and relax while watching the sunset.

No facilities are available.