Surrounded by the Taurus Mountains


Coordinates: 36°46’30.43" N - 28°15'15.36" E


Turunç is located 20km south of Marmaris and surrounded by the Taurus Mountains. Once a fishing village with a natural environment as a resort, the village has been awarded the Blue Flag for its clean beaches and water quality. Walking from one end to the other takes about 30 minutes. There are restaurants, bazaars, and bars on the waterfront.

This bay is busy during the day, and there are excursion boats out during the day.

The city maintains the quay (tel: 252 476 79 40/41/42) and charges a mooring fee. The ground is weeds. Care must be taken when fixing the anchor. Loosen the chain as much as possible, and make sure the anchor is tightly engaged. Water and electricity connections are available. Fuel is available from tankers.