Bozukkale Bay

One of these beautiful and impressive bays


Coordinates: 36° 34' 13¨ N, 28° 00' 56¨ E

One of these beautiful and impressive bays is Bozukkale Bay, it is one of the must-see places in summer. It is one of the most visited places in the spring and is popular at any time of the year. Filled with local and international tourists, this bay offers vacationers clean air, breathtaking views, and resting areas. Not far from Cape Karaburun, a little more than three miles northeast, lies the huge bay of Loryma - Bozukkale (Bozukkale translation is a ruined castle).

At the entrance to the bay, you will see on the left a fortified wall that stretches over 120 meters. It also serves as a landmark marking the entrance to the bay.

There is a possibility of mooring on a wooden pier in a restaurant or mooring.

You can anchor comfortably in one of two bays with a depth of 8 to 15 meters on the bay bottom. Two bays with a depth of 5-8 meters in the central part of the west side of the bay and the bay next to the entrance of the bay and the first restaurant from the fortress. This can be a windy anchorage night and day and it is recommend that you take a mooring at one of the restaurant jetties.