A small village and a popular first stop for yachts.

Coordinates:  36°43'08¨N 28°14'29¨E

Çiftlik is a small village a popular first stop for yachts heading west from Marmaris. He has four restaurants with moorings that provide free fresh water and electricity.

Food recommendations: Hayalim Cafe Beach, Rafet Baba, Denis Restaurant Cafe, Azmak, Mehmet Place Restaurant are the most popular restaurants in Çiftlik. All of these are located directly on the beach. Enjoy lunch or dinner with beautiful views of Çiftlik Bay. If you stay overnight, don't forget to try the famous breakfast. Go to a cafe near the beach and have breakfast for a very reasonable price.

Make time for activities. If you spend the day or night in Çiftlik, be sure to go diving. Diving is very popular in Çiftlik. The nature of the bay is rocky and very suitable for diving and observing the underwater world. Another popular place for diving is the very famous Gebekse Bay, located very close to Çiftlik. If you have already discovered the underwater world of Çiftlik and are looking for other places in the region, Gebekse is the place for you. You can also visit the ruins of the old church in Gebekse and take some nice photos.